Top 5 lollywood latest movies in pakistan

Top 5 lollywood latest movies in pakistan



With a lot of excitement, fans of Pakistani cinema are waiting for the release of the Lollywood latest movies. The movie industry in Pakistan is based in Lahore, and has produced some highly praised films. Some of the famous Lollywood movies are Baaji, Superstar, Teefa in Trouble, and The Last Emperor. Here are the top five films that are slated for release this year. You can catch these films when they hit theaters near you.


The most anticipated movie of this year is London Nahin Jaungi, a romantic drama directed by Nadeem Beyg. The film is an empathetic story about a Muslim family in a Punjabi village. It stars Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi as Maula Jatt and Noori Natt. Humaima Malik and Saba Faisal are also part of this film.


The biggest movie release of the year is Ishrat Made in China, a film announced more than two years ago but delayed due to the pandemic. The movie stars Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed, and marks the director’s directorial debut. The trailer of the film promises a fast-paced action movie with plenty of romance. The film also features Ali Kazmi in a small role.


TLMOJ is an Urdu romantic drama that stars Fawad Khan as a Punjabi gangster. The film is a remake of Maula Jatt (1979) and will star Fawad Khan as the title character. Other cast members include Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mahira Khan. The trailer for the film reveals a fast-paced action movie with a romantic element. The movie is a drama with some romance.




Among the Lollywood latest movies, this Urdu movie will be the most expensive Pakistani film of 2021. The film also stars Salman Shahid and Mehwish Hayat. It is a rom-com and is a comedy that centers on rivalry between rival gangs. The actors are renowned in Pakistan and are a great fit for the country’s film industry.


‘Ishrat Made in China’: This romantic action film was postponed due to the pandemic. However, it was announced two years ago, and has since been released. The film is the debut movie of Mohib Mirza and features Sanam Saeed and Ali Kazmi. The filmmakers are known for their work, and the film has a strong reputation. In addition to these two big names, the cast of Ishrat Made in China includes the talented actors of Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane.


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This Urdu action-com film was delayed due to the pandemic. It is the most expensive Pakistani movie of 2021. The film stars Mohib Mirza as a lead actor and is directed by his friend Ali. Despite the delay, the film has been praised by critics and viewers alike. Its trailer is very promising and gives fans a look at its action-packed plot.



This Punjabi remake of the Maula Jatt movie is set in London. It stars Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat. It will also star Salman Shahid and Saba Faisal. The actors in the movie are known for their passion for the film. It is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. It is set in an area where the people are largely Muslim and it is not safe to be gay in Pakistan.


Qaid-e-Azam Zindabad: The movie was originally scheduled for release in 2020 but COVID-19 forced it to be postponed. The movie is an Urdu action-comedy commercial. It stars Mahira Khan and Arif Hassan. It is also set in Lahore. The song is “Saakin” in English. It is the title of a famous Urdu language film.


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