trails carolina horror stories

Unveiling trails carolina horror stories: What’s Behind the Controversy?

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Trails Carolina Horror Stories is a wilderness therapy program meant to help troubled young people by taking them into nature. But some people have had really bad experiences there. One person, Linda, spoke out in 2022 to tell her story in a blog and USA Today interview. She wanted to show what Trails Carolina is really like. Let’s look at the troubling stories about this program and the bad things that might be happening there.”

Trails Carolina Horror Stories And Allegations

“Some really bad things were happening at the Trails Carolina horror stories camp. A former staff member named Linda worked there from 2015 to 2017. She told everyone about the terrible things she saw. She said there was sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, and some staff members were not taking care of the kids properly.

Linda tried to tell her bosses about these problems, but they didn’t listen and didn’t do anything. In 2022, she saw a news article about the bad things at Trails Carolina and decided to speak out. She said, ‘I’ve worked with teenagers for more than 20 years, and I’ve never seen anything as awful as what happened at Trails Carolina. It was like a nightmare.'”

Trails Carolina Investigations


trails carolina horror stories

“The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) started looking into the situation because of all the bad things people were saying about Trails Carolina. Other groups and people who investigate problems have also started to pay attention. They want to do a few important things:

  1. Check if the bad things people are saying are true and gather proof.
  2. Make sure that the kids who were there in the past and the ones there now are safe and well.
  3. Make Trails Carolina follow the rules and laws, and if they didn’t, make them responsible.
  4. Suggest what Trails Carolina should change or do better.

Even though the investigations are still going on, they have found some things already. For example, one investigation found that Trails Carolina didn’t tell the authorities about many abuse and neglect cases like they were supposed to by law. Another investigation found that the program didn’t follow health and safety rules properly, like not keeping things clean and not taking care of medical needs correctly.”


Trails Carolina Responds

Once Linda shared her story, the people from Trails Carolina and those who support them got very upset. They said that Linda was making things up, stretching the truth, and just seeking attention.

The director of science at Trails Carolina, Science Steve, even said, ‘Linda’s claims are not true. She has had problems with her mental health and personal life, which might have affected her thinking. She was never treated badly at Trails Carolina. She’s just a former employee who’s angry and trying to harm our reputation and our program.'”


“The statement talks about how Trails Carolina has helped many teenagers with their wilderness therapy program. They say they use methods that have been proven to work and follow the rules. They also say they listen to what the kids and their families say to make sure they give good care.

One of the counselors at Trails Carolina, Amanda, said, ‘Trails Carolina changed my life. I was really sad and had problems, but at Trails Carolina, I found hope, got better, and found a reason to be happy again.'”

Trails Carolina Horror Stories: Employment Practices


trails carolina horror stories

People are asking if Trails Carolina is doing a good job in hiring and training their staff. They want to know if the staff members are ready to handle tough situations if there are enough staff for the number of kids, and if the staff are checked for any bad behavior or drug problems.


Trails Carolina says they give their staff a lot of training, like teaching them how to handle medical emergencies, what to feed the kids, how to help with feelings of wanting to hurt oneself, and how to calm down tough situations. But some former staff members have said they didn’t get much training before working with the kids in the wilderness. This makes people wonder if the staff are really prepared well enough.”


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