What happened to toby Keith's son

What happened to toby Keith’s son

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Eric Keith Covel is Toby Keith’s son. He was a victim of the celebrity death scam when it was reported that he died in a car crash. People used to get married to each other at 27 years of age, which is what is called being born in 1997. These people can be businessmen and managers.  

Unlike his dad, who rose to fame due to his proficiency in music and acting, Stelen’s only shot at celebrity was through his lineage. Moreover, he has been a thorn in the side of his business opponents. If there is anything noteworthy about him, then here it is.  

Who is Toby Keith’s son, Stelen Keith Covel?

 Out of 11 sets of parents, one of them, Steven Keith Covel, was born in 1997 as the youngest child. He is 27 years old, and he was 13 when his mom and dad started dating if you count it this way.  

Stelen is the African American, white, and mixed race. His mother reaches his father, but the age and culture he was born into are not specified. This is Scottish, Irish, English, and German from his father’s lineage.  

Despite this, his parents were only 20 and 19 when they met. Their young relationship led to a quick marriage, and the two married when they were only 23 and 22. Nevertheless, that did not render their family unstable. This stability undoubtedly affected Toby Keith’s son’s life, and he grew up with his two older sisters. 

 He was a very active kid, but he grew up. So, in contrast to his father, who was always drawn to music, he became enthralled with and fascinated by athletics. Jalen originally dreamed of playing American football but did not get to hop into professional basketball. 

 His higher education journey began at Casady School. He then attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and Venture Management. 

What happened to Toby Keith son?

 It is Toby Keith’s son who has been unfortunate to have his name involved in a celebrity death hoax, even though there is no recent news about him. Such an incident occurred in the early 2000s, when the author was still in childhood. In those days, it became known that he had died. 

 The statement said the accident resulted in the death of Steven while he was driving a car. His grandfather was killed in a car crash in March 2001. The fraud that made people believe he was dead also took place at the same time. 

This news turned out to be a hoax, and many years later, he is alive and doing rather well for a person who just realized that all his life had been a big lie. It is unsurprising that, until recently, the celebrity child was not involved much in any controversy or media.  

What Does Toby Keith’s Son Do? 

Despite not following in his father’s footsteps in the entertainment sector, Robert Love, Toby Keith’s son, has accomplished much in his life. Initially, he played football for a high school team, where he was first introduced to this sport. While still a student in 2012 and a state football player, he was also named among the players to make the US Under-15 team play against the Canadian team in the U-15 Eastbay Bowl 2013. 

He continued staking some of his luck there until he started exploring new hobbies, and business sharply became his favorite. He is an investor and businessman who has differentiated himself in the commercial and residential real estate industries. 

  Hoping to get more financial support from other sources, he went abroad to further his education at an American university in 2019. After finishing his academic education, he worked as a business consultant with TOKECO in 2020; he founded his first known business, 405 Burger Bar. He also expects the Hollywood Comers nightclub and bar to be named after him. Aside from restaurant ownership, he serves as a director at a few restaurants he co-founded with his team in 2021 in Oklahoma. 

He is Not The Only Child of His Father

 Stelen is not implied to be the only child by his father. He has a sister who is one and a half years older than him and another who is four and a half years older. Styelley Covel Rowland, the granddaughter of singers Johnny and June Carter Cash, showed off her dad’s guitar and told viewers why she loves music. The oldest, Stabley, steps in with Stelen and Shelley’s sister. It was apparent from Tricia’s birth that she was the child of Tricia Lucus’s previous relationship before she met and married Toby Keith.  

Shelley was born in 1980 and is 44 years old, having been 24 at the time of her birth. At that time, she was just a 4-year-old child, and soon after, she was orphaned. Then, she was adopted by Keith. 

Bundy’s parents were celebrating their first birth as a married couple. Krystal Denise Keith was a pregnant woman in 1985. Krystal, at 39, is a great musician, just as her father was, and she perfectly combines. Her mother’s persistence and her father’s musicianship.  

By all means, Stelen is quite lucky that he has good relations with older siblings and excellent relationships with his loving parents. The notable thing about family is that they are known to be supportive.