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Women’s Pleasure Matters Too! Insight Into The Future Of Female Pleasure


When it comes to sexual pleasure, particularly for vulva owners, there’s a revolutionary platform that is making waves – OMGYES. This online platform is a treasure trove of resources dedicated to discovering new ways of experiencing pleasure, aiming to bridge the gap in practical information and dismantle the stigma surrounding female pleasure.

OMGYES is unique in its approach and the future of understanding female pleasure and sexuality. It’s based on extensive research and collaboration with women who share their experiences, which in turn, provide valuable insights to users. As of 2023, the platform is divided into three seasons, each focusing on specific topics related to pleasure. Season one delves into clitoral stimulation, season two explores internal pleasure, and season three guides you through using sex toys.

What’s even more unique about the platform is that it’s all inclusive, empowering not only women to be able to speak on pleasure, how to ask for it and what techniques they can try, but to also empower men with the knowledge to also help bridge the gaps, too. 

It takes two to tango! 

Why Do Platforms Like OMGYES Matter?

As reviewed on, RIch, an advocate on improving men’s sexual health, created spaces for men to discuss their issues including opening their doors to discuss female pleasure, a topic that can also benefit men not only looking to improve their sexual health, but their sexual knowledge in the bedroom as well. Rich hopes that his review of OMGYES can spark creativity, empathy and inspiration for men, women and couples looking to make something great, even better!

The content on OMGYES is rich and varied, including interviews, explanations, research findings, demonstrations, and interactive elements. It’s an educational journey that has been personally empowering and crucial in enhancing my sexual experiences.

Interestingly, OMGYES isn’t just about the here and now. All contributions are put for future research on sexual pleasure, including important subjects like pleasure after trauma, trans pleasure, men’s pleasure, and pleasure during menopause. This foresight makes it a platform that’s not just providing services, but also contributing to the growth of sexual health awareness and research.

Changing Your Mindset On Female Sexuality And Pleasure

OMGYES is for the curious individual. It’s for those interested in expanding their understanding of pleasure and learning practical techniques. It’s a platform that is not only educating but also empowering, promoting open and shame-free conversations about sex. Sexual pleasure is an essential aspect of overall well-being, and platforms like OMGYES are leading the way in exploring and enhancing it.

It doesn’t matter your gender, or individuality, OMGYES is bridging the gaps between all vulva and phallus owners to be empowered with information on pleasure that has never been done before!