Full-Zip Hoodie

Gildan 18600 vs. Gildan 18500: A Comparative Guide to Selecting the Ideal Hoodie


In the world of hooded sweatshirts, Gildan offers two top-tier models that have become the go-to choices for casual wear, promotional gear, and personalized apparel — the Gildan 18600 and the Gildan 18500. Both hoodies encapsulate comfort, style, and durability, yet each has distinct features that cater to varied preferences and requirements. Let’s delve into the specifics of these popular hoodies to guide your selection.


Gildan 18600: The Versatile Full-Zip Hoodie


The Gildan 18600, characterized by its 7.75 oz. heavy blend and full-zip feature, is a fusion of comfort and functionality. Crafted with a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester air jet yarn, this hoodie promises a soft, pill-resistant finish, ensuring it stands resilient through repeated washes and wear.


Highlighted Features:

– Full-Zip Closure: Offers versatility in styling and added warmth.

– Durability: Double needle stitching ensures the garment withstands rigorous use.

– Customization Friendly: The tearaway tags allow for easy rebranding.

– Convenience: The large pouch pocket enhances functionality, providing ample storage.



– The hoodie boasts a fabric blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

– Bulk purchases attract substantial discounts.

– For care, machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat.


Gildan 18500: The Everyday Heavyweight Hoodie


The Gildan 18500 is renowned for its heavy fabric blend and its classic fit, making it an ideal choice for daily wear and a favorite for screenprinting and embroidery. With its material sourced from 50% USA grown sustainable cotton and 50% polyester, this hoodie marries quality, comfort, and ethical consumerism.


Highlighted Features:

– Heavy Fabric: At 8oz, it guarantees warmth and durability.

– Variety: Available in over 48 colors and sizes up to 5XL.

– Quality Assurance: Spun yarn increases softness and reduces pilling.



– It’s a preferred choice for screenprinting and embroidery.

– The quality is validated by consistent 5-star customer ratings.


Comparison: Navigating Your Choice


While both models are excellent, your selection between the Gildan 18600 and 18500 hinges on specific needs and preferences.


– For Style Versatility: The 18600, with its full-zip closure, offers varied styling options. It’s an ideal pick for those seeking adaptability in their attire.

– For Everyday Comfort: The 18500, known for its heavy fabric and classic fit, is perfect for daily wear, promotional events, and personalized apparel.


In Summary


In the quest for a hoodie that combines comfort, style, durability, and affordability, the Gildan 18600 and 18500 emerge as frontrunners. The 18600, with its full-zip feature, offers adaptability and a modern edge. In contrast, the 18500, with its heavy fabric and classic fit, is the epitome of everyday comfort and simplicity.


As the adage goes, the devil is in the details — from the tearaway tags facilitating easy customization to the meticulously crafted fabric ensuring quality and longevity. With either choice, you’re not just purchasing a hoodie; you’re investing in a piece that promises to stand by you, weathering daily wear, and countless washes, while maintaining its original allure. Your choice between the two will be influenced by your specific needs, whether it’s the adaptable style offered by the 18600 or the daily comfort championed by the 18500.