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What Is The Insulin Plant?

From its name itself, you can guess that the insulin plant is a plant meant for longer and healthier living by reducing high and increased glucose levels in one’s body. Belonging to the plant Costaceae family, the plant’s scientific name is ‘Costus igneus’ and it is medically approved to be consumed on a regularly prescribed basis to help maintain one’s blood sugar levels, if high.

In a few studies, it had been successfully noted that patients suffering from chronic diabetes and those who refuse to see a significant fall in their blood glucose levels had consumed this insulin plant and saw normality in their blood sugar levels in a few days. The insulin plant for diabetes has surprising results against blood sugar.

Insulin plant experiment on rats

A study was done on male Wistar rats that had dexamethasone hyperglycaemia, and who were initially divided into four distinct groups. This study on albino Wistar rats was conducted after achieving approval from the Institutional Ethical Committee for Animal Experimentation.

These groups were injected with 10mg of dexamethasone per day for a continuous twenty days. But from days eleven to twenty, the dosage of the dexamethasone per day changed. Now, they were given 100, 250, or 500mg of Costus igneus, or insulin plant, in a powdered form mixed with distilled water.

When the experiment period ended on the twentieth day, blood was collected from the rats on an overnight fasting period to note any improvement in their blood sugar levels. Blood was collected again after an hour after 2.5g glucose was loaded in the rats for post-glucose estimation.

It was seen that groups that received the powdered insulin plant with water saw a significant decrease in their dexamethasone-induced hyperglycaemia. Thus, the insulin plant has successfully reduced the fasting and post-glucose load blood levels and helped them attain normality in their sugar levels.

The insulin plant leaves for this study were gathered from Mangalore, Karnataka, India, during September and October. Before its collection, the insulin plant leaves had been approved as being labelled as the insulin plant by Dr. Bhandarkar. The insulin plant leaves were finely powdered using a mortar and pestle.

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Where is the Insulin plant widely found? 

The Insulin plant is a herbal plant widely grown and found in the southern parts of India after an introduction from South and Central America to India. The tribal communities of India such as those belonging to the Kolli hills of the Namakkal district in Tamil Nadu in India are known to popularly use this plant for curing health issues and treating diabetes in diabetic patients.


How does the Insulin plant look? 

The Insulin plant grows perennially throughout the year and it grows in an erect position. The maximum height that this plant can reach is around two feet, and its stems bend over to stay close to the ground. The plant’s leaves are bright green in colour, oblong in shape, and with parallel venation around 4 to 8 inches in length.

The plant has purplish undersides and grows spirally around the stem of the plant. The plant grows beautiful orange flowers 1.5 inches in diameter that are seen to grow during the summer months. Fruits also grow, but they are not very showy and are green in colour.


Can you eat the insulin plant directly? 

Yes, you can eat the insulin plant directly by consuming its leaves. All you need to do is chew on a clean insulin plant leaf every single day, once a day preferably, over a period of 30 days. Also, you can powder the leaves after sun drying them completely. After drying them up, powder them to mix it with water, and consume it as a drink regularly for 30 days, once a day.

What is the benefit of eating insulin plant leaves?/Insulin plant for diabetes

The primary benefit of eating insulin plant leaves is that it successfully reduces your blood sugar levels in a person. Regular consumption of the insulin plant leaves will help you maintain normality in your sugar levels, and help you live a healthy lifestyle.

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If you have heard about the insulin plant and about its diabetic benefits, then, you must try it out today! Get moving towards healthy living today!

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