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5 Weekend getaways from Delhi – Perfect for every Occasion

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Attending an event or visiting a friend in Delhi? No matter the reason, you might want to consider extending your trip and taking in some of the fantastic destinations that are just minutes away from the city center of Delhi. The bustling metropolis of Delhi has some beautiful natural scenery just an hour or two outside of the city limits that make great weekend getaways. Whether you’re in search of adventure, relaxation, or both, here are 5 exciting weekend getaways from Delhi that are perfect for every occasion! Enjoy!



If you’re looking for a weekend getaway from Delhi, Shimla is a great option. It’s located in the foothills of the Himalayas and it’s just a few hours away from the capital city.


Shimla is a popular tourist destination and it has something to offer everyone. If you love nature, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore the area’s spectacular mountains, forests, and valleys. If you’re looking for some fun activities, you can go shopping at the lively Mall Road or take a tour of the historic Viceregal Lodge.


No matter what your interests are, Shimla has something to offer. If you’re looking for relaxation, take a leisurely stroll along the ridge and enjoy the picturesque views of the snow-covered peaks. You can also explore the temples and monasteries around Shimla and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the region. And if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, try your hand at paragliding or skiing at Kufri!


Shimla is a great choice for a weekend getaway from Delhi and it’s sure to leave you with lots of fond memories!



Kufri is a stunning hill station near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, just an overnight drive away from Delhi. From breathtaking views of the Himalayas to a variety of activities, Kufri makes for an excellent weekend getaway destination.


One of the best ways to explore Kufri is by trekking. Trekkers can explore trails up the hills and through forests, taking in the fresh air and stunning views. For those who are less adventurous, horse riding is also available.


In winter, Kufri turns into a snowy paradise, and visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the slopes. After a day of thrilling adventure, visitors can relax with a cup of a hot tea or enjoy shopping in the local bazaar.


Kufri is also home to a range of wildlife including rare species such as red pandas, snow leopards, Himalayan bears, and leopards. Visitors can go on safaris to spot some of these animals in their natural habitat. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting weekend getaway from Delhi, Kufri is definitely worth a visit!



Manali is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Delhi. Located in the picturesque Kullu Valley, this charming hill station offers something for everyone – be it adventure seekers, nature lovers, or those who just want to relax.


The best way to explore Manali is to go on a trekking trail or enjoy a leisurely stroll around its many quaint villages. Here, you can also get up close and personal with the local culture, observe and participate in traditional festivals and take in breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayan mountains.


Adventure enthusiasts can choose from a variety of activities such as mountain biking, rafting, skiing, paragliding, and zorbing. You can also visit nearby attractions such as Hadimba Temple, Solang Valley, and Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara.


Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an exciting adventure, Manali has something for everyone. Book your tickets and start exploring this paradise on earth today!


Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve is an amazing weekend getaway from Delhi. Located about 200 km away from the capital, this National Park is a perfect spot for an exciting adventure. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the reserve is home to various species of animals such as leopards, jungle cats, hyenas, wild boars, and over 350 species of birds.


Visitors to Sariska Tiger Reserve can explore the park on a Jeep Safari or take a guided tour of the area. A park is also a great place for wildlife photography, bird watching, and nature walks. The surrounding forests and hills provide a beautiful backdrop for those wanting to take in the sights and sounds of nature.


The Sariska Palace is another must-see destination when visiting the park. This palace was once the residence of the rulers of Alwar and it offers a stunning view of the lush green forest and hills. The area around the palace also has some ancient temples and monuments that add to its charm.


If you’re looking for a great weekend getaway from Delhi, then Sariska Tiger Reserve should definitely be on your list. With its rich wildlife and historical monuments, this National Park promises an unforgettable experience!



Agra, located about 200 miles from Delhi, is one of the most popular weekend getaways for Delhiites. After all, it’s home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Taj Mahal. This magnificent monument is reason enough to make Agra a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a weekend getaway from Delhi.

But the Taj Mahal isn’t the only thing Agra has to offer. There are plenty of other attractions like the Agra Fort and the Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah. Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are filled with fascinating architecture and history. You can also take a boat ride on the Yamuna River or visit Akbar’s Tomb in Sikandra.


If you’re looking to shop, Agra is known for its traditional handicrafts, marble inlay work, zari work, and carpets. There are several markets where you can buy souvenirs or just wander around and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

And if you’re looking for some adventure, there are plenty of activities in and around Agra such as safaris, bird watching, trekking, camping, and even hot air balloon rides!


Whether you’re looking to explore history or seek adventure, Agra is definitely one of the top weekend getaways from Delhi.

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